About Ylva Skarp

-Some elements may be a bit unexpected, but I can’t stand perfection – things need to be a little irregular, says Ylva

Swedish calligraphy artist and designer Ylva Skarp crafts with brush and pen in hand. Using calligraphy to form images from words, she mixes the modern with the traditional to create unique pieces for the contemporary home. Each and every one of them made in Sweden…

-I like the thought of creating a striking image that also conveys a message, says


Educated at Roehampton Institute in London, Ylva Skarp has worked 15 years as a professional calligraphy artist and designer.

Leksand, a small town in central Sweden, is where she calls home. Yet this Swedish artist’s designs have long been global, with representation in both Europe and the USA. Despite this international presence, Ylva places great value on her work being and remaining 100 percent Swedish.